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the Cabinet

Cabinet marketing and development of Africa, Banakpluriels The Office of Marketing and Development, assists you in creating value within your company. Comprehensive support around the business strategy, we also assist companies in installation phase in Francophone Africa. Here to go

Web Agency

web solutions for the web agency Banakpluriels The web agency Banakpluriels accompany and assist you in achieving your web projects. Creating websites and web applications, web management tasks and the proper use of web tools for your business in Francophone Africa. Here to go


Banakpluriels products, list of representations Beyond the services that we offer via the agency and the cabinet, we have several products. We also represent several companies in Francophone Africa and we are responsible for managing their products on the African continent. here to go


Blog of African society servicesBlog Banakpluriels is the centralized log our activities. It contains our publications and achievements. Experts Banakpluriels publish daily on the topics of marketing, web and African market in general. Discover

Banakpluriels involved in the field of consultancy, web and several other through the representations in the sub region of West Africa and Central. to share our expertise and experience, we help some emerging states of Africa and to build a more successful society.

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